Adding fractions with area model

This page uses Geogebra to demonstrate using an area model to understand adding fractions.

What are fractions?

 A fraction is a number that describes part of a whole number. Because fractions are numbers just like 5, or 2, or 23, they live on a number line.

Where is one whole?

When you see a fraction, you need to keep in mind what the two numbers mean. The top number (numerator) represents the number of groups or parts that you can see. The bottom number (denominator) represents the number of groups or parts needed to make one whole.

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Locating fractions and mixed numbers on a number line

Use this applet to practice placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line.

Converting between fractions and decimals

All fractions can be converted into decimals. Sample problem here.

Converting percents into fractions and decimals

Percents can be converted into fractions and decimals. This lesson shows how. $$20\mbox{%}=\frac{1}{5}\mbox{          }83.2\mbox{%}=0.832$$

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