MV Fractions iPhone App



Do you want to learn how to do fractions? Do you want to help your child learn fractions, but need a little refresher course? If you answered yes, this is the app for you. is a new website designed to help students with their math skills, and this is the first of our companion iPhone applications.

MV Fractions is a collection of videos and examples that will provide learners with a math teacher in their pocket. Students who've ever forgotten how to reduce fractions will no longer be out of luck when they've left the classroom. All they'll need to do is open the app, choose a topic, and watch the video.

Our videos show award winning math teacher Duane Habecker demonstrating a variety of fractions skills, including reducing/simplifying, multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting, and working with mixed numbers and impropers. Each movie is short, between 2 and 4 minutes, and most include a variety of ways to approach a problem. Mr. Habecker delivers easy to understand mini-lectures that have been proven effective over his many years in the classroom.

- Easy to understand mini-lectures delivered by an award winning teacher
- Covers a variety of topics
- Provides on demand instruction
- Useful for visual, logical, and auditory learners
- No Wi-fi necessary


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

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